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games related to gta 5

Open world action games like gta 5 - Open world and free roam are terms for video games where a player. GTA Clones: 16 Games Similar To Grand Theft Auto (GTA) All the AAA titles like Fallout 4, GTA V and Skyrim have a wealth of modifications. In this video i'll be showing you my top 5, well 8 list for games like GTA, they won't be similar in every.

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Absolution by IO Interactive is a brilliant Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooting and Stealth video game. It revolves around the character named Aldo Trapani who…. Get your guns and start your gun slinging adventure in the classic west. The Grand Theft Auto series has a recurring focus on crime, gangsters and the criminal underworld. Infamous Second Son Infamous Second Son is the third chapter in the Infamous series and once again has players exploring a huge open world with all sorts of strange powers.

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This Action-driven and thrilling game takes you to the amazing City of San Francisco and allow you to drive anyone of the fast cars from various…. Undercover Everybody remembers playing with Lego as a child but did you ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Lego with GTA style gameplay? State of Decay combines the open world genre with a zombie outbreak to create one of the largest and most impressive games in the genre to date. Mafia II takes place in the s within a fictional game world that is based on a number of US locations including Boston, Mafia III builds on the fundamentals of the previous games with a story of a darker time in history. Rumors of a sequel are confirmed! The game was released in and is only available on the Xbox platform. games related to gta 5

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Games related to gta 5 The Third offers a massive open world and a similar game experience atp list woman the Grand Theft Auto series. Noire takes the open world genre into a more serious and slow paced direction compared to other games in the genre but there is still plenty to love if you give it the time and respect that it deserves. The Heist offers a wide range of firearms to complete various objectives of the game like Stealing an important item, mugging a person,…. The gangs, defeated by Third Street Saints are now…. It revolves around the character named Aldo Trapani who…. GTA 5 is an awesome action and adventure game.
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